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Terms of use

Attention: This translation is for your information only - only the version in German is valid. On this website, the Digitale Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (DWDS), the Austrian Academy Corpus (AAC), the Korpus Südtirol and the Swiss Text Corpus (CHTK) (together called Corpus C4 subsequently) offer you the possibility to linguistically search texts in German language for scientific and private purposes. The data that has been processed by Corpus C4 for linguistic search may never be used for any commercial purposes. Corpus C4 therefore asks users to personally register via an electronic form where an explicit approval of these terms of use has to be given. Authentication and the approval of the terms of use can be requested for every session.

With your registration you consent to the storage and processing of your registration data according to Swiss legislation on data protection. They only serve as a measure for the identification of misuse. A transfer of your login data to a third party is excluded. Withdrawal is possible anytime through simple notice to Corpus C4. Corpus C4 reserves the right to modify or supplement the data provided anytime without further notice.

  1. The data provided to you by Corpus C4 for research purposes may not be published as a whole neither directly nor indirectly, nor may it be broadcast or distributed in any medium.
  2. Neither the complete text corpus nor parts of it exceeding the size of a key word with context may be archived permanently in any form (neither printed nor electronically).
  3. You may use the data you gain access to for purely scientific or private purposes. Any commercial use is prohibited. This prohibition of commercial use of Corpus C4 data includes in particular the processing of the data in order to use them commercially by yourself or by a third party.
  4. Should the copyright of an author have been breached the author is asked to communicate this to Corpus C4.
  5. Corpus C4 does not guarantee completeness and correctness of the contents of the corpora nor error-free operation of the service and permanent access to the internet application. Corpus C4 does not assume liability for service interruptions nor for the usage of corpus data by users.
  6. When using Corpus C4 in your work you cite the following paper:
    Dittmann, Henrik, Matej Ďurčo, Alexander Geyken, Tobias Roth & Kai Zimmer (2012): „Korpus C4 – a distributed corpus of German varieties“. In Schmidt, Thomas & Kai Wörner (Eds.): Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 339–346.